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Introducing EmailPulse. One of its kind Ecommerce email marketing sidekick for MailChimp, providing strategies that just work backed by AI & Human Experts

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EmailPulse For MailChimp

EmailPulse currently works with MailChimp, one of the world’s most effective and trusted email marketing platforms.
Just integrate EmailPulse with your MailChimp account and we’ll do the rest!

Email Marketing Tailored to Your eCommerce Store

Did you know that email marketing can generate more than 30% of your overall store revenue?
EmailPulse can help you create campaigns that get the job done.

How EmailPulse works

Step 1 - Strategy

Receive Monthly Email Marketing Strategies

EmailPulse provides you with email marketing strategies that work. Crafted by human experts and AI technology, the behaviour-based strategies mean that once you’ve hit send, you can sit back and relax with that coffee you never get round to drinking.

Step 2 - Create

Customise Email Templates with a Drag and Drop Editor

Using email templates already filled with engaging content, EmailPulse takes the stress out of preparing email content. Simply customise your template using our user-friendly drag and drop editor, and there you have it – a ready-to-send campaign that works.

Step 3 - Send

Send Your Email Campaigns and Watch Your Business Grow

Follow the campaign instructions included with your strategy and hit send – the rest will happen by itself. You’ll be able to repeat this simplified process each week with a new strategy. The best part? The results will speak for themselves!

Why EmailPulse?

Emailpulse uses AI to create behaviour-based email marketing campaigns that can result in up to 22% increase in revenue.

Your improved email campaigns will also result in more meaningful communication with your customers,
instead of spamming them.

Easy Emails Mean Happy Clients



Increase in Slidr’s
monthly revenue.


Increase in Paolita's
monthly revenue.


Increase in Slidr’s  monthly revenue.


Increase in Paolita’s  monthly revenue.